Manavta is no more than the sum of its parts: an exceptional team of passionate, intelligent and motivated leaders. Everyone has something to offer, so please consider joining our team.

Board of Directors

Martin Laws

Toilet Enthusiast & Co-founder

Martin managed Manavta through its pilot project with the help of friends from all over the world. Martin and Nabeel crossed paths in Kathmandu and have been on a roll since. Martin's favourite thing about Nepal is its people - no matter how deep into the countryside, Nepalis always offer Chia (tea), Dal Bhat (Nepal's staple meal) or Momos (dumplings). Martin is responsible for Manavta's fundraising, marketing and public relations.

Nabeel Jaffer

ToileT Nerd & Co-Founder

Nabeel joined Manavta while spending extensive time living and travelling the Himalaya. He has a passion for travel and education. His motivation to build more toilets stems from working with children and teachers in rural communities. In Nepal, Nabeel can often be found riding his bike through valleys and rice paddies, stopping for local Newari cuisine and taking in breathtaking views. Nabeel is responsible for Manavta's educational initiatives and strategic growth.

Sam Remtulla


Sameer has a drive to work in the developing world and improve the lives of those in need. As a civil engineer, he works closely with industry leaders to research efficient toilet designs and produces thorough maintenance packages; ensuring that our toilets will be used properly and maintained in the long term. Sam is responsible for the development and engineering that allows us to continue to improve on our designs. 


Mafalda Pinto

TOILET Schemer & Director of Engineering

Mafalda is a Civil Engineer from Lisbon, Portugal and is incredibly passionate about toilets. She is currently involved in developing designs for our upcoming projects and did her masters thesis on Low Cost sanitation in the developing world. Her enthusiasm, education and will to continuously learn more makes her an incredible asset to our team. As of June 2015, Mafalda has become the Director of Engineering at Manavta.


Han Craig


Han has been part of our team since day one. After meeting Martin in Kathmandu, Han (and friends Kylie, Mary, Dana and Krishna - pictured above) went out on a limb and joined Martin in Lauke to help build Manavta's pilot project. Since then, Han has been responsible for all of Manavta's graphic design - from our logo and business cards to letterhead and documents. Han is the main reason we look so great. She is a graphic designer based in London, England.                                                        


Varshu Karumuri

Toilet Intern

Varshu is a recent high school graduate heading into his first year of university at the Faculty of Business at the University of Alberta next year. He served as the President of his high school’s Students’ Union and has a growing passion to engage and help the community at large. When he is not busy studying for exams, you can usually find him taking his dog to the park and building biceps at the gym. Varshu will be  leading the McNally Deuces, working on our social media and engaging the student community at his University.


Krishna Silwal

Nepali Guide

Krishna quickly befriended Martin and Nabeel in Kathmandu, always offering Chia (tea) or Yak Cheese from his shop whenever they would walk by. Krishna brought Martin and Nabeel to his home village of Lauke to meet his family and friends. They fell in love with Lauke, and chose a school there, Shree Ram Janaki, to complete the pilot project. Krishna is a dear friend, an invaluable resource and an all-around great guy.

Research and Program development


Rebecca Frankish


Rebecca’s interest in international development and seeing everyone prosper started at a young age, growing up in West Africa. Rebecca has a Masters of International Development and connected with Manavta through CAWST, where she was an Education Program Developer.  Rebecca is now part of the Manavta team, working to create the Menstrual Hygiene Management portion of Manavta’s work in Nepal.


Pasang Tamang

PROJECT development

Pasang loves being heavily involved in the world of community development. Pasang holds a MSc in International Health (UK) as well as a Bachelor in Public Health and Health Assistant (Nepal). Pasang is currently working as a Partnership Officer with the Global Health Next Generation Network and as a Publicity Officer for the fundraising branch of Save the Children-Scotland. Pasang is very enthusiastic and excited about getting involved with Manavta in planning and designing educational programs for upcoming projects. 

Adriana Dail

WASH Research 

Adriana is currently working on a Masters in Applied Medical Anthropology and a Masters in Global Disaster Management and Humanitarian Relief at the University of South Florida. Her interests are in social justice, human rights, sustainable development and disaster response. Adriana fell in love with Nepal while traveling there in 2014 and is excited to become involved with Manavta. She is currently based in Tampa, Florida but tries to spend her time off from school traveling.


Shirley Bejarano


Shirley’s passion for global health, developmental work and social justice, has lead her to Manavta. Her background is in anthropology, HIV/AIDS and community interventions and she has a Masters in Global Health and currently working on her second Masters in Health Policy Management. When she is not working or studying, she is probably exploring the world or eating amazing food. Shirley is based in Florida, USA.


Prakash Shahi


Prakash Shahi is a public health graduate  who recently earned his MSc in Sexual and Reproductive Health from Queen Margaret University in Scotland. Prakash has been working in the industry since 2009 and travelled to some of the most remote districts in Nepal. This allows him deep insight into issues including maternal health, hygiene and broader public health concerns. Prakash was born in the remote district of Jumla, Nepal and is highly motivated and proud to be a part of Manavta project. 

Kelsey Anderson


Kelsey Anderson is currently working on a Masters in Applied Medical Anthropology and a Masters in Global Health Practice at the University of South Florida. Her interests include waterborne illnesses, access to water resources, health practices and beliefs, and women's rights. When not in school, Kelsey enjoys traveling and cheering on Manchester United.