Manavta would not be here without the support of our volunteers past and present. We are incredibly humbled by the people we have connected with and would like to thank everyone who has ever volunteered their time, money and efforts to help us fight global sanitation. Your contributions will always be remembered. 


Han Craig

Han has been part of our team since day one. After meeting Martin in Kathmandu, Han (and friends Kylie, Mary, Dana and Krishna - pictured above) went out on a limb and joined Martin in Lauke to help build Manavta's pilot project. Since then, Han is the original designed of our logo and graphics. She is the main reason we look so great.                                                     

Martin Laws

Martin managed Manavta through its pilot project with the help of friends from all over the world. Martin and Nabeel crossed paths in Kathmandu and have been on a roll since. Martin's favourite thing about Nepal is its people - no matter how deep into the countryside, Nepalis always offer Chia (tea), Dal Bhat (Nepal's staple meal) or Momos (dumplings). Martin has since left Manavta and
we wish him all the best in the future.


Krishna Silwal

Krishna quickly befriended Martin and Nabeel in Kathmandu, always offering Chia (tea) or Yak Cheese from his shop whenever they would walk by. Krishna brought Martin and Nabeel to his home village of Lauke to complete the pilot project. Krishna is a dear friend, an invaluable resource and an all-around great guy.

Mafalda Pinto

Mafalda is a Civil Engineer from Lisbon, Portugal and is incredibly passionate about toilets. She was currently involved in developing our original designs and did her masters thesis on Low Cost sanitation in the developing world. 


Shirley Bejarano

Shirley’s passion for global health, developmental work and social justice, has lead her to Manavta. She has helped us in many facets such as research, fundraising and networking.

Varshu Karumuri

Varshu is a high school volunteer who got involved in Manavta through the McNally Deuces, where he worked on social media and engaging the student community at his school.


Rebecca Frankish

Rebecca’s interest in international development and seeing everyone prosper started at a young age, growing up in West Africa. Rebecca has a Masters of International Development and connected with Manavta through CAWST, where she was an Education Program Developer.  


Pasang Tamang

Pasang is connected with Manavta while working as a Partnership Officer with the Global Health Next Generation Network and provided networks and connections to further our cause. 

Adriana Dail

Adriana fell in love with Nepal while traveling there in 2014 and become involved with Manavta through her University. She helped us spread our word by fundraising, networking and writing some awesome blogs for. You can view them here.


Prakash Shahi

Prakash joined Manavta in an advisory role and provided research and insight into issues such as maternal health, hygiene and broader public health concerns. Prakash was born in the remote district of Jumla, Nepal and is highly motivated and proud to be a part of Manavta project. 

Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey Anderson connected with Manavta through the University of South Florida and helped us spread our word by networking at conferences and fundraising through a university student group.


Faizan Muhammedi

Faizan has always had a passion for working with youth and volunteering his time. For the most part he contributes his efforts to making sure we are a smooth running organization. His responsibilities include financial planning and budgeting. However, he is not limited to the books. Faizan has an immense background in volunteering abroad and we can't wait to get him on the field building some toilets.