Changing the World, One Toilet at a Time.


Our project began in Nepal,

Where two-thirds of the population still rely on open defecation and many communities have no sanitation infrastructure. We partner with communities, local NGOs and public officials to build environmentally sustainable sanitation facilities at rural schools. Second to the family, schools are the most important places of learning for children and serve as central fixtures in their communities. When sanitation facilities are present, it serves as a model for the broader community.

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Our philosophy:


Our toilets filter liquid waste into a high-nitrogen fertilizer and hard waste into soil conditioner. This keeps farmers from using harmful chemicals on their crops while maintaining soil fertility, food security and minimizing the spread of disease.


With the partnership of local teachers and health professionals, we engage students and their families in hygiene and sanitation workshops. Our education program curbs the practice of open defecation and allows children to stay in school. 


Our goal is to empower community leaders with the technical and material resources to best provide for their communities. Through empowering local leaders,  children and their families are able to live safer, healthier and fuller lives. 

“Puranoo coat lagau, naya kitaab kina. Gyan nai dhan ho.”

”Wear a cheap coat so you can buy a new book. Knowledge is rich”

— Nepali Proverb