Pilot Project in Lauke Village, Nuwakot

Completed in March 2013

Our pilot project took place in Lauke village in the district of Nuwakot, about 3 hours outside of Kathmandu at Shree Ram Janaki Primary School. This project was made possible with the generous support of Silver Heritage Group Ltd, Oxfam Nepal and amazing international and local volunteers. We spent four weeks working closely with community members and teachers, ensuring that these students had safe and hygienic sanitation facilities. Numerous stakeholders benefited from this project: 75 students, five school staff and hundreds of community members. All of these individuals participated in building the toilets and in our hand-washing workshop. 

This project was made possible by a team of amazing volunteers: Krishna Silwal (and his amazing, gigantic family), Sarita Silwal, Mukhiya and Sunil Ghale, Han Craig, Jacob Baax, Andrew Myerscough, Louise Moodie, Kylie Dale, Dana Avram, Gwen Tiernan, Mary Dunn, the entire class from years 1 through 3, Kabindra Shrestha, JT, the teachers and principal of Shree Ram Janaki and Tim Shepherd. Needless to say, we were shocked at the number of exceptional leaders who threw their support behind our pilot project.