Ecological Sanitation

Eco-ecological sanitation is based on a method of capturing nutrients, preventing water pollution and utilizing energy from human waste. Currently, we have implemented Urine Diverting toilets in our projects. A method which separates urine and feces to produce a fertilizer used on crops. As these toilets are not the norm being used in many cultures we pay particular attention to educating the communities we work in on how to construct, maintain and effectively use our toilets.

To learn more about our concept check out our resource page.


One of the benefits of the toilets is the cost savings on fertilizers
— Amrit Majhi, Student

Amrit is a student and next generational leader in his community of Jholunge. He is studying to become a teacher but also posses some incredible passion to make change. He has not only been an advocate for sanitation, he also is a whiz at building our toilets. Amrit spearheaded the construction of our toilets in Jholunge in 2016.

the lack of cleanliness can take our lives
— Charimaya Majhi, Community Leader

Charimaya is one of the most inspiring woman we have met on our many journeys. She is a key figure in her community but is also the reason for our success in Jholunge. As her household has a urine diverting toilet she has taught other families about the benefits of urine fertilizers as well as spearheading the greenhouse project in her community, where urine is being used on crops such as cauliflower, tomatoes and cabbage.