ThankBack Thursday

This week's ThankBack is focused on the people who continue to help us spread the word about the global sanitation crisis and our approach to ending it!


Isabela Varela

A big shout out to Isabela Varela and the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta who finally succommed to our Toilet Nerds’ constant plug of Manavta around campus. She just published an incredible piece in BEdition Magazine about what Manavta is all about. Thanks for helping to spread the word about improving safe sanitation around the world!


Our Fundraising Team

An equally huge shout out to Elizabeth Durnford, Alex Wassell, Dan Burrow, Antony Laakso, Molly Schaefler, Aaron Stevens, Andrew Collicot, Majd, Ali and the whole team at Laurier Social House. We had an amazing turnout on Saturday and raised just over $1000! That's two thirds of our next project! Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, we're looking forward to seeing you again soon!