Thanks for the Support

Thanks for your interest in what we’re doing! We figure that our first post should clearly establish what we do and why we do it.

Our project began in Nepal, where two-thirds of the population still relies on open defecation. Wherever we are working, we partner with the community, local NGOs and public officials to build environmentally sustainable toilets at rural schools.

We build our toilets at schools because children are the most affected by the lack of sanitation facilities. UNICEF estimates that 443 million school days are lost each year due to sanitation-related diseases. Our primary goal is to bring this number down! Our work doesn’t end when the toilet is finished. Education is at the heart of our model. Without classroom teaching of good sanitation practices, the toilets are entirely useless.

Our toilets are awesome. They employ “Urine Diversion”, which really just means that the liquid waste is filtered into a natural fertilizer. This saves local farmers money and keeps them from using harmful chemicals on their crops. Most importantly, this further incentivizes use of our toilets, keeping open defecation to a minimum. Two birds with one stone!

Our pilot project in Lauke Village, Nuwakot District was an incredible learning experience. We are committed to learn as much as possible before our next project. This is where you guys come in! We are always looking for motivated individuals who want to further our cause and are up for an adventure. Don’t hesitate to contact us with personal insights or any questions you might have!

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Thanks for your support,